The Mini Facelift is a decreased downtime alternative to the traditional facelift. With only minimal downtime needed, this facelift technique is an alternative to those who are not quite ready for a full facelift or individuals who are unable to afford much time away from their busy schedules, yet still desire a refreshed, rejuvenated appearance. The Mini Lift surgically addresses the hallmarks of aging in the lower face and neck, similar to benefits of a full facelift, with less downtime, less bruising and less swelling. The best suited candidates are often between the ages of 40 and 65 with early signs of aging or those simply with less time available away from their busy schedules.

By incorporating the same techniques as the “standard” or “traditional” full facelifts, Dr. Moses is able to lift and reposition the actual muscle layer (SMAS, or superficial aponeurotic system), resulting in increased longevity but with decreased downtime. As an alternative to a more traditional, full facelift, the mini facelift utilizes minimal incisions hidden in the hairline and camoflauged in creases around the ear and just inside the ear itself. Patients are even able to still wear any hairstyle or updo as desired – not having to worry about pesky incisions showing. With smaller and fewer incisions, issues such as bruising and swelling are minimized with anticipated downtime of as little as three to five days.

Dr. Moses performs this procedure at the accredited Palmetto Surgery Center as an outpatient procedure. Here, at the Palmetto Surgery Center, our patients are treated by full trained and accredited staff members who consistently keep the highest standards of safety and comfort in mind.


Am I a Candidate?

At Palmetto Facial Plastics, Dr. Moses offers private consultations for patients interested in facial or neck rejuvenation procedures including the mini facelift or mini neck lift. These procedures may be performed independently or in combination in order to help you achieve your desired aesthetic. During the consultation, you will meet with Dr. Moses to discuss your goals and go over any questions about the procedure. The most appropriate patients for a mini lift are often between 40 and 65 years old with early signs of aging. Additionally, those looking for a small “touch up” or only have a few days away from their schedules are often well suited for a mini lift. For individual patients with excessive sagging of the face, neck and jowls or a heavy neck, the mini facelift may be paired with a mini neck lift for optimal results. Discrete liposuction of the neck and under the chin may also be performed through a less than 1 cm incision without any additional downtime added to the recovery period.

Together with Dr. Moses and her team, you will create a comprehensive treatment plan to help you achieve your goal. During the consultation visit, and after formulating a plan, Dr. Moses will provide specific information regarding your procedure and the time period surrounding surgery so that you will have this as a reference during your decision making. She insists all patient have all the available information from the beginning which directly improves patient care, patient comfort and patient outcome. If you decide to proceed with surgery, you will return for a pre-operative appointment to ensure all your questions have been answered, you are comfortable with the plan, and review any concerns you may have.


Expected Results

Natural. Rejuvenated. Refreshed. – All at your convenience!
Following a mini lift, whether it be a mini facelift, mini neck lift or both, patients can expect:

  • Minimal downtime
  • Minimal swelling & bruising
  • Minimal recovery time
  • Minimal expenditure
  • With MAXIMAL results


The Procedure

Surgery is performed at one of two locations, Palmetto Surgery Center & Prisma Health Parkridge. The morning of surgery you will arrive at the designated location and will meet the nursing staff in the pre-operative area. Dr. Moses will meet you here as well, answer any last minute questions, and then begin preparation for the procedure. She will delicately outline the exact location of the planned incisions with a fine surgical marking pen, customized to your facial structure and goals.
Depending on the individual and the procedure(s) being performed, anesthesia used may vary from local anesthesia only, sedation or a general anesthetic. Time of surgery also varies but for mini lift procedures, patients can expect an overall less lengthy procedure and as short as 1-2 hours. A dressing will be in place when you awaken from the surgery which will remain in place until the first postoperative visit the following day. Dr. Moses does not use surgical drains so there is minimal upkeep following the procedure.


Patient Recovery & After Care

After surgery, patients are discharged the same day from the surgery center. Patients will have previously received all post-operative instructions and are encouraged to adhere to these instructions. The dressing is worn overnight to protect the surgical area where the incisions have been made. Discomfort is minimal but pain medication will be prescribed in the instance it is needed and to ensure the recovery period is comfortable. The dressing is removed the morning following your facelift. Bruising may develop but this is minimal. Swelling is part of the normal recovery process and precautions are taken to minimize the amount of swelling.

Following surgery, most patients return to work in 5-7 days or sooner depending on the individual. Exercise, bending and lifting will need to be postponed for a minimum of two weeks to allow healing. Additionally, hot hair styling tools, saunas, and steam rooms should be avoided for at least 4-8 weeks. Further specifications are covered in the post-operative instruction booklet and adherence to these will help avoid complications and enhance your overall results.