E.Y.E. – Enhance Your Eyes - Tear Trough Filler & Augmentation

A specialty area for filler injection is the under eye area where volume lost in this area is able to be restored through the use of hyaluronic acid fillers. As we age, the fat descends under the eye as ligaments weaken, thinning skin loses elasticity and volume dissipates under the eyes, leading to hollowing and/or puffiness and a shadow develops (termed the “tear trough”). The E.Y.E. – Enhance Your Eyes – procedure, created by Dr. Moses, is a two part in-office procedure targeting the delicate under eye area to immediately improve eyelid contour, restore vibrancy and enhance ones overall facial beauty and self-confidence.

The E.Y.E. procedure makes use of an expanded role for dermal filler in restoring under eye volume to support the under eyelid area – restoring youthfulness and improving the hollow, tired appearance of dark circles and crepey lower eyelid skin. This helps to rejuvenate and enhance the entirety of the eye area and leaves a lasting youthful, rested look.

The second component of the E.Y.E. procedure, developed by Dr. Moses, further enhances your eyes through the addition of Botox or Dysport in this region. For some patients, these two injectable options (dermal filler + neurotoxin) may be paired together to create a smoother, well-rested, vibrant appearance. Through the utilization of Botox or Dysport along with dermal filler, Dr. Moses is able to minimize fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes caused by repetitive motion (Botox or Dysport) while also supporting the structural component with supplemental volume through dermal filler added to the tear trough. The addition of these “wrinkle relaxers” helps to further smoothe the thin eyelid skin, revitalize the eye and provide a better canvas for volumization.The dermal filler provides the majority of the improvement by returning structural support to the deflated eyelid while the addition of neurotoxin smoothes out the most superficial aspect, the skin.

The E.Y.E. procedure is a non-surgical, minimally-invasive procedure completed in as little as 30-45 minutes by using a blunt tipped micro-cannula to inject a soft tissue filler into the tear trough, immediately improving eyelid contour, restoring vibrancy to the eye, and enhancing one’s overall facial beauty and self-confidence. It is a no downtime, immediately gratifying, affordable way to improve the appearance of the eye area.



As the most important facial feature, the eyes define identity, define personality, and define both inner and outer beauty. With the ability to communicate instantaneously, they are a brilliantly unmasked and unfiltered snapshot of an individual. Given their focal point on the face, when changes occur over time due to aging, the eyes garner early attention when these changes begin.

As these physical changes occur, we often feel that the outward depiction are eyes exude is an inaccurate reflection of one’s inner self, spirit and energy. This mismatch that occurs and the discordancy between the two is frequently described by patients.

Through an expanded application for dermal filler, one is able to return volume to the under eye area, addressing these physical changes that occur and can help restore harmony to the face and eyes. The treatment restores youthfulness and vibrancy to the eyes by supporting the under eyelid area, alleviating the hollow, tired appearance from dark circles and crepey skin.

Dark circles develop for a number of reasons (dehydration, lack of sleep, allergies etc), but is most commonly due to aging. This already thin skin further thins as we age due to loss of collagen and fat. Furthermore, the fat often begins to bulge from the lower eyelid, exaggerated by a loss of volume, creating a hollowing effect, termed the tear trough. Through the addition of dermal filler, there is less shadow, improvement in these circles, and restoration of a well-rested look.


Am I a Candidate?

The E.Y.E. procedure was developed to help patients refresh and rejuvenate the eye by smoothing out wrinkles, improving the contour around the eyes, and minimizing dark circles. It is an excellent option for both women and men who are bothered by the sunken, deflated, exhausted look around the eyes and feel that their eyes disproportionately age them. For those who are applying concealer to the under eye daily, this is a wonderful procedure to consider. Patients considering the E.Y.E. procedure or have concerns regarding the appearance of the eye area are encouraged to first schedule a consultation with Dr. Moses to review the details of the procedure and determine if your particular concerns/ goals are best addressed by the procedure.

The E.Y.E. procedure is not appropriate for all patients. If there is excess loose and baggy skin along the lower eyelids or significant wrinkling under the eyes, better results may be achieved with eyelid surgery (see “Blepharoplasty”).


The Procedure

The E.Y.E. procedure is performed by Dr. Moses, a board certified Facial Plastic Surgeon, over a series of 2 separate appointments and involves the placement of dermal filler (with or without concomitant use of Botox or Dysport). During the first appointment, which lasts approximately 45 minutes, the majority of the under eye “correction” is performed with the second visit serving as a follow up to ensure satisfactory results and allows for placement of additional filler if needed. The under eye area is delicate and avoiding over-correction, or too much filler, is paramount. One must allow room for the day-to-day fluctuation that can be seen under the eyes, dependent on factors such as sleep, dehydration, allergies, etc. If one fails to acknowledge this variability, the results are unnatural, asymmetric and artificial. By performing the procedure over a series of 2 visits, this ensures the best patient outcome and the best overall aesthetic. Given the delicate under eye area and potential risks involved, it is crucial to choose a plastic surgeon with experience working in and around the eye.

The initial portion of this 45 minute appointment allows time to properly clean the skin, obtain photographs, and apply topical numbing cream to ensure patient comfort. Utilizing a blunt tipped micro-cannula, filler is delicately and deliberately placed to restore volume into the under eye area. Following the appointment, patients are able to continue on with their day and are only asked to avoid vigorous exercise the same day, returning to normal activity the following day. Use of the micro cannula minimizes discomfort and ensures correct filler placement while also minimizing potential risks, further making this a little to no downtime procedure. Patients then return for a follow up appointment to assess the result, identify how the area responded to the product(s), and if any additional filler is needed, it is added at this appointment.

During the first or second appointment, Botox or Dysport injections will likely also be performed to further enhance your results. The addition of these “wrinkle relaxers” helps to further smoothe the thin eyelid skin, revitalize the eye and provide a better canvas for volumization. The dermal filler provides the majority of the improvement by returning structural support to the deflated eyelid while the addition of neurotoxin smoothes out the most superficial aspect, the skin.

Of note, a benefit of using dermal fillers to address the eye area, is that if necessary or desired, the procedure can be reversed. This is accomplished by injecting an enzyme called hyaluronidase to completely reverse the procedure, providing a safety net for patients who are unsure if they will like their results or who are new to cosmetic procedures in general.


Post Procedure Care

Dr. Moses is pleased to offer this procedure to her patients as it is a valuable option for improving such an important area of the face with immediate results and minimal, if any, downtime. Following the procedure, patients may be a bit red or swollen. Bruising may occur but during your consultation Dr. Moses reviews ways to minimize this possibility. If these side effects do develop, they typically resolve within a few days. Patients are encouraged to avoid heavy activity or exercise the day of the procedure but return to normal activity the following day. If patients are unhappy with results or develop any issues with the under eye filler, the procedure may be reversed.